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2019 Registrations opened 1st January 2019 in line with the Active Kids Grant Discount.......






Date:16th March 2019 - 17th MarchVenue:Whalan/ Peter Van Hassell/Winston Hills/Hosting Club:St Marys
AgeHome TeamDivision AgeAway TeamDivisionKick Off TimeLocationMatch Duration
6ST MARYS3 6ROUSE HILL39.45amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
6ST MARYS2 6ROUSE HILL29.00amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
6ST MARYS1 6ROUSE HILL19.00amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
7ST MARYS3 7ROUSE HILL310.30amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
7ST MARYS2 7ROUSE HILL210.30amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
7ST MARYS1 7ROUSE HILL19.45amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
8ST MARYS3 8ROUSE HILL311.20amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
8ST MARYS2 8ROUSE HILL211.20amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
8ST MARYS1 8ROUSE HILL19.00amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
9ST MARYS3 9ROUSE HILL312.10pmPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
9ST MARYS2 9ROUSE HILL212.10pmPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
9ST MARYS1 9ROUSE HILL19.45amPeter Van Hasselt4 x 8 min
10CANLEY HEIGHTS3 10ROUSE HILL39.50amRosford Street Reserve2 x 20 mins
10ST MARYS2 10ROUSE HILL211.30amPeter Van Hasselt2 x 20 mins
10ST MARYS1 10ROUSE HILL110.30amPeter Van Hasselt2 x 20 mins
11CANLEY HEIGHTS3 11ROUSE HILL310.40amCancelled2 x 20 mins
11ST MARYS2 11ROUSE HILL22.15PMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
11ST MARYS1 11ROUSE HILL11.30PMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
12HOLY CROSS RHINO Winston Hills4 12ROUSE HILL412.00pmWinston Hills2 x 20 mins
12ST MARYS3 12ROUSE HILL311.10AMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
12ST MARYS2 12ROUSE HILL212.00PMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
12ST MARYS1 12ROUSE HILL112.50PMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
13 4 13ROUSE HILL4no gameNo Gameno game
13ST MARYS3 13ROUSE HILL311.00AMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
13ST MARYS2 13ROUSE HILL210.00AMWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
13ST MARYS1 13ROUSE HILL19.00AMCancelled2 x 20 mins
14WINSTON HILLS3 14ROUSE HILL32.30pmWinston Hills2 x 20 mins
14ST MARYS2 14ROUSE HILL21.00pmWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
14ST MARYS1 14ROUSE HILL112.00pmWhalan Reserve2 x 20 mins
15 2 15ROUSE HILL2no gameNo gameno game
15ST MARYS1 15ROUSE HILL12.00pmWhalan Reserve2 x 25 mins
16Toongabbie2 16ROUSE HILL22.00pmInternational oval2 x 25 mins
16Sunday 17th March ST MARYS1 16ROUSE HILL19.00amWhalan Reserve2 x 25 mins
17sSunday 17th March ST MARYS2 18ROUSE HILL210.00amWhalan Reserve2 x 25 mins
18 1 18ROUSE HILL1no game no game

Feb 2019



All players must be registered prior to trials to be eligible to be placed in a team. There will be no grading for Under 6 and under 7. Grading will be from 5.30pm -7.30pm on your designated night. You must make yourself available should you wish to be selected for a team. There will be no training for other teams on grading week. Coaches will appoint a referee for each game in their age group. Parents are to stay well away from the field and may sit or stand only on the school side of the fields where seating can be found and not on the opposite side of fields. This area will be for coaching staff only. Please contact Paul Fuda should you have any concerns related to trials 0412 924 510


  Mini/Mod/International Grading 2019 
FIELDMonday 25th FebTuesday 26th FebWednesday 27th FebThursday 28th Feb
1Under 13Under 16Under 12Under 14
All players must be registered prior to trials to be eligible to be placed in a team no grading for Under 6 and under 7
FIELDMonday 25th FebTuesday 26th FebWednesday 27th FebThursday 28th Feb
2Under 10Under 8Under 11Under 15
2 Under 9  


Feb 2019


Rhinos Training Schedule 2019


Training Schedule Week beginning Monday 11 February.  All age  groups will train as a squad until grading week which will be week of 25th February.   Training location will be at Rouse Hill Anglican College until further notice as we don't have access to our home ground until April.  


U6s & U7s Wednesday 5.30 - 6.30 MAIN FIELD
U8s Tuesday & Thursday 5.30 - 6.30 BACK FIELD
U9s Thursday 5.30 - 6.30 BACK FIELD
U10s Monday & Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00 BACK FIELD
U11s Monday & Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00 BACK FIELD
U12s Monday & Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00 MAIN FIELD
U13s Monday & Wednesday 5.30 - 6.30 MAIN FIELD
U14s Tuesday & Thursday 6.30 - 7.30 BACK FIELD
U15s Monday 6.30 - 7.30 & Thursday 6.00 - 7.00 MAIN FIELD
U16s Tuesday & Thursday 6.30 - 7.30 MAIN FIELD
U18 Monday & Wednesday 6.30 - 7.30 MAIN FIELD FROM 18 FEBRUARY 


Feb 2019

2019 Contacts


Please find below contacts for each age group:


6/1'sBrad Merriman ( contact Only ) 0401 097 071 brad@affectivebuilding.com.au
7/1`sBrad Merriman0401 097 071brad@affectivebuilding.com.au
8/1'sNicholas Farrugia0404 025 955  turboturtledc@hotmail.com
9/1sScott Clarke0419 293 225smc_1@bigpond.com
10/1sScott Lynch0410 344 417scott@lynchelectrics.com.au
11/1sNathan Marlin0414 321 163nathan.marlin@hotmail.com
12/1'sChristian Orsini0416 266 321christian.o@primebuild.com.au
13/1'sPaul Coinakis0425 205 714paulcoinakis@outlook.com
14/1'sJaiden Hawkes0481 522 533jt.hawkess@gmail.com
15/1'sMatthew Pryke0402 326 441asfptyltd@bigpond.com
16/1'sPaul Fuda0412 924 510paul@paulsdoorsandmore.com.au
18`sPaul Fuda (contact only) 0412 924 510 paul@paulsdoorsandmore.com.au



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Jan 2019

Active Kids Voucher Scheme Update!

Applications for Vouchers will be available from Jan 2019 and downloaded via https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/

If you are intending to take advantage of the Active Kids $100 Voucher, please register/apply via the above link, download your voucher and keep it to use for the registration online.

For more information on the Active Kids Scheme you can visit



Active Kids

Jan 2019

2019 Mouthguard Deal