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Current Training schedule

Below is our current training schedule and locations for Pre season Training until we return to Home ground

Rouse Hill Anglican College
7 Worcester Rd Rouse Hill

Bella Vista Oval
1Z Crown Terrace Bella Vista

Monday – Bella Vista Oval, Bella Vista
U8s - 5.30-7pm

U16s - 6-7.30pm

U18/20s - 7-8.30pm

Tuesday – Rouse Hill Anglican College Rouse
U6s - 5.30-7pm Field 2

U7s - 5.30-7pm Field 2

U11s - 5.30-7pm Field 1

Wednesday - Rouse Hill Anglican College
U9s - 5.30-7pm Field 2

U14s - 6.30-7.30pm Field 1

U15s - 6-7.30pm Field 1

Thursday - Rouse Hill Anglican College
U10s - 5.30-7pm Field 2

U13s - 6-7.30pm Field 1

Friday - Bella Vista Oval, Bella Vista

U12s - 5.30-7pm

Please bring plenty of water wear your boots and bring your mouthguards and any other protective gear.